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Me Made May 2019

Me Made May 2019

I, Jeanine, sign up as a participant of
Me-Made-May 2019.

I endeavor to wear close to 100% me-made outfits daily, and document them during May 2019.

This will include holding myself accountable to photographing my daily outfits and sharing them in spite of the fact that they won't be perfect, and trying to be more creative with how I build my outfits during the month.

For three or four years now I’ve watched people share wonderful Me Made May posts, and yet continued to not participate. My reasons for not participating were varied and pretty lame.

Firstly I didn’t believe I had enough 'me-made' clothing to participate. (What would be the point of sharing a half ready-to-wear outfit?) Then the inevitable grasp that I am not a model or a professional photographer. (How could my posts compare to the ones I’m seeing?) Lastly my woeful inability to document what I wear daily. (A shock and pity to those who know me IRL who constantly have to put up with me blithering on about my new sewing projects.)

While I know that MMM is not a photo contest, it’s incredibly hard not to consider how one will measure up in our world that places such a premium on how photogenic someone is. There is a thriving community of beautiful people (seamstresses and makers), posting beautifully framed, well lit, and exquisite hand made clothing. Who am I to think I deserved a voice in that prolific community? I am also very aware I’m not great at photographing my clothing.

In the nature of acceptance of imperfection, and my understanding that to develop a habit you have to actually be conscientious of starting them; my goal for this Me Made Made 2019 is to do #OOTD (outfit of the day) posts to my instagram stories/feed for the month of May. I’m trying to overcome all these stupid concerns (hard to call them fears when they look so pathetic written out). I would like to use MMM19 to try to hold myself accountable to actually share my clothing/outfits. I know it will be difficult for me, but I hope to not get discouraged and will strive to take photos and share them in spite of my inevitable disappointment that they are not ‘insta’ glamorous.

I have no doubt by the end of the month I will have repeated many outfits. I am very aware that some RTW pieces will make an appearance during the month. The real thing I’ve had to come to terms with is knowing at some point this month (probably in the first week) I’m going to have to post a picture where I don’t feel confident in myself. There are a million flaws that I will find in every photo, only just beginning with how I look, but I’m going to push past and post every day.

Cheers to May, I hope we all enjoy it.

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